Public Service Awards


 This committee is responsible for oversight of the annual awards recognition ceremony


Activities:   Review award categories, recommend changes as needed, plan menu, arrange for guest speaker, photographer, color guard, solicit volunteers to review nominees, create awards program, create award submission materials, solicit nominations, print award certificates, order plaque for employee of the year award, liaison with awards banquet host (Hampton Inn), place orders, print nametags, staff welcome table, advertise event, solicit sponsors, etc.


Director Rep:  James Rapley




Locality Pay


This committee will submit  a revised package for submission to the Federal Salary Council in August 2015


Activities:   Pull 2014 salary tables from Department of Labor website, analyze and compile data, solicit letters of impact from federal agencies, prepare locality pay package for Board approval, etc.


Director Rep:  Sean McVey




Emergency Preparedness


Members will oversee COOP activities, table top exercises, education, weather closures, etc.


Activities:  Identify Emergency Preparedness personnel in each agency and identify and share best practices, create a weather-advisory group to notify staff of impending natural and man-made disasters, create programs to assist agencies and employees with emergency preparedness, conduct tabletop exercises, partner with FEMA, Vermont National Guard and other organizations to strengthen emergency preparedness capabilities across Vermont, etc.


Director Rep:  Michael Heston 



Vermont Federal Women’s Network


Members advise and assist the VFWN in achieving their mission


Activities:  Participate in monthly meetings to create professional and personal development opportunities for both men and women, increase male participation, offer talent to host an event, participate in VFWN events, etc.


Director Rep:  Janie Beltran




Public Outreach and Social Welfare


Members will create opportunities for federal employees to come together to share knowledge and camaraderies as well as provide outreach in our communities to raise awareness of our federal presence in Vermont


Activities:  Coordinate events that involve opportunities for federal employees to engage and network that may include social activities (ball games, picnics, golf tournaments), agency/office open houses, mentoring, college scholarships, mock interviews, resume writing, etc.


Create opportunities to partner with local communities, schools, colleges, and universities to raise the awareness of federal employment throughout the State.  Attend public events, job fairs, and community events to raise awareness of the federal community throughout Vermont, etc.


Director Rep:  Lisa Rees and Betsy Carter

Contact: or



Marketing/Social Media


Members will promote the VTFEA through creative and innovative communication


Activities:  Maintain and support the VTFEA website, Facebook and LinkedIn accounts, create marketing materials that support and educate others on the importance of the VTFEA, prepare material to be posted to social material, write articles, create newsletters, create information that people want to read and care about, find ways to link all government agencies by video, maintain federal directory, etc.


Director Rep:  Bill Swaney







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